Veterans History Project

Help us create an important national collection of personal histories from our American heroes. The Warhawk Air Museum, in conjunction with the Library of Congress, is working tirelessly to video tape as many veterans as possible, so today's generation, and future generations, will understand we owe our freedom to the bravery and sacrifice of those who served.

If you are a veteran, please consider sharing your story. The Veterans History Project collects stories from men and women from all branches of service with an emphasis on WWII and the Korean, Vietnam, and Persian Gulf wars. This project also documents the contributions of civilians, such as war industry workers and medical volunteers, who served in support of the armed forces. For more information, contact the Warhawk Air Museum (208) 465-6446.

We need volunteers! Volunteers are the pillars of this project. Without volunteers this undertaking would be impossible. We need individuals to interview and/or videotape war veterans, as well as volunteers to edit the video once it is completed.

Why not make the Veterans History Project the focus of your business or organization? If you are a company, civic organization, government agency, museum, library, college or university you can assist us by providing volunteers, publicity, equipment, or funds for this worthwhile project.


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