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EXPERIENCE DISCOVER REMEMBER The education program for the Warhawk Air Museum and NASA Space Center is designed to ignite an appreciation for country, history, space, and aviation in all students and to give them a keener appreciation for the sacrifices our veterans endured during times of war and how technology during the 1930s – 1960s evolved and benefited our global society.

Current Field Trip Prices: (For any of the options listed below and for a minimum of 10 students!)

Students: $4 each 

Teachers: Free

Additional Adults: $6


Tour Objectives

The Warhawk Air Museum, including the NASA Space Center, is a place where students of all ages can come to learn about the American experience of the 1930s through the Cold War Era during times of war, conflict, and change. Students learn about the personal experiences of men, women, and children who lived through those times and how the advancement in technology had an impact on our society. On a trip to the museum, students might discover the meaning of patriotism, responsibility, courage and self-sacrifice, and the power of propaganda. They will learn about aviation advancements from the WWI era through the jet era of the 1950s and 1960s, as well as learn about life in America during those years.

Teachers have an opportunity to take their students on a trip back in time as they traverse through 20,000 sq. ft. of our extensive WWI and WWII era wing before entering the 18,000 sq. ft. wing of the Cold War era. Both wings feature the stories and personal collections of Americans who lived and participated during those years, allowing students and visitors alike to leave the museum with a greater appreciation and understanding of the meaning of freedom.


School Tour Programs

Teacher-Guided tour

Teachers are encouraged to use the museum as a powerful and visual tool to learn about American history. Self-guided tour brochures are available to assist with explaining the importance of the displays and memorabilia. (These can be e-mailed to the teacher in advance.) Teachers can explore with their students the WWI era airplane technology and personal histories of men who served at home and on the fighting fronts; they can then move into the WWII era of American history and learn about the importance of the home front during the war years. They will learn about the advancement of airplane and military technology that created WWII fighter airplanes, bombers, and early jets. They will travel back in time to when kids were as important to America winning the war as were the adults, and sacrifice and courage were the glue which held the country together. Mothers’ flags, mothers’ pins, Victory Gardens, Victory Speed Limits, scrap drives, food ration stamps, rubber and gas rationing, radios, Saving Bond drives, and victory puzzles are just a few of the exhibits classes will experience. WWII was a war with a beginning and an ending; America knew why we were at war, we knew who our enemy was, and we knew when we won the war.

Stepping into the Cold War Era of the 1950s and 1960s through the Berlin Wall takes students into a completely different era of American history. The Cold War was the beginning of wars/conflicts of ideologies through the build-up of Communism and the break-up of Europe into western and eastern fronts. Students will not see Mothers’ flags, patriotic posters, Victory gardens, rationing warnings, or scrap drives. The Cold War Era was a time when fear of nuclear attack and bomb shelters proliferated on the home front. Civil Defense preparations were evident throughout the country. Wars such as Korea and Vietnam were called “conflicts” and were fought bravely by Americans on foreign soil in terrains and weather much different then that of World War II. Many Americans had no clear understanding as to why our soldiers were there in the first place. It was also a time of tremendous technological advancements. The nuclear age had begun. It was the era of jet fighter airplanes and huge military advancements. The race for space between America and Russia was fast and furious. The G.I. Bill for the first time allowed ordinary Americans to attend college, move out of cities into suburbia, build small businesses, and buy a car. The American Dream became a reality to millions of Americans.


Available upon request. There is no extra charge, but the tour must be booked at least two weeks in advance.


Currently there are two age-appropriate scavenger hunts for both younger and older students. Both take students on a trip throughout the museum in search of specific items to answer questions about. The scavenger hunts offer a powerful method for interacting with museum artifacts and learning about their importance to American history. 

Downloads: Scavenger Hunt A1 Scavenger Hunt A2

3rd - 5th Grade


This program will transport young students back in time to an era of patriotism, self-sacrifice, and courage. The students will discover and explore the important role of children in American during WWII. This class must be scheduled in advance. 

6th - 8th Grade


Students will examine the four forces of flight and come to see how each force plays a role in aviation. Short experiments will show the students how each force is applied to flight. This class is taught by a pilot and must be scheduled in advance.

9th – 12th Grade


In this popular and potentially life changing experience high school students meet WWII, Korea, and Vietnam veterans and hear their personal stories of courage, valor, and sacrifice in their struggle to be good soldiers during times of war and conflict. We have several World War II veterans who participate in this program, allowing students access to what might possibly be the most important, and quickly disappearing, generation in American history. This class is sure to make a big impression on your students and must be scheduled in advance. 

3rd – 12th Grade


This class is taught by Nampa police officer Stu Hobson and is designed to give the basic history behind the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance in the hopes that students will gain a greater appreciation for both. Our goal is to educate and inspire all people to stand with pride and say the Pledge of Allegiance and show proper respect for the American flag. Students will also learn about the real cost of freedom and the importance of thanking American veterans for his or her service and sacrifices which help to preserve the rights and freedoms we enjoy every day. This class must be scheduled in advance. 

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