Bell UH-1C “Mike” Model Gun ship


Markings The Huey "Mike" model gunship is painted in the markings of the actual unit that flew this actual Huey in combat during Vietnam. The 68th Assault Helicopter Company "Mustangs".

Fuel Capacity 511 gallons

Height 14 feet, 11 inches
Fuselage length 57 feet 0 inches
Rotor diameter 48 feet

Empty weight 5,200 lbs
Gross weight 9,000 lbs

Range 330 miles
Service Ceiling 24,800 feet
Max speed 140 mph
Max cruise 115 mph

The "Mike" model Huey was a conversion of the existing UH-1C by re-engining it with the 1,400 shp (1,000 kW) Lycoming T53-L-13 powerplant used in the UH-1H. This provided more power to the "C" model for its role as a gunship, and also provided engine commonality between the attack and transport helicopters in use in Vietnam at that time.